The flowstate

I remember some of my favourite YouTubers remarking how being able to sit at their computers has been quite pivotal to their success in their respective fields. To quote two of them, who at times lack the seriousness to take their word for much. The TechLead speaks on how as a software engineer you can not get anything meaningful done if you turn to every interruption that comes your way. Whilst Captain Sinbab speaks on how he had to develop the skill to allow himself to grow his influence and following on YouTube.

After all, these are the new age apostles that we follow in this century. Their content fills up our time and minds hence my mouth is going to overflow their ideas regardless to their soundness.

There has been a study on a concept that Mihály Csíkszentmihályi has named ‘flow’ where you begin to work out ideas and concepts with so much fluency as your mind get totally in tune with the activity at hand.

I have lacked the patience and diligence to get to enjoy the fruits of this state nonetheless having experienced it a number of times, I know it is a zone were deep-work can be accomplished and well polished ideas can be put out.



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