The Richest Man In Babylon:

Personal Reflections III

Lady Luck —

Meet the Goddess of Good Luck

Sometimes you just need to take the plunge and risk it all. Wisely, risk is a symptom of under preparedness as Warren has taught us. With careful planning and preparation, all mishaps can be well accounted for and all jackpots, readily anticipated.

Me and you both are running on a meter. Whether we are progressing or not, the clock does not have any more hours to spare. When the final whistle blows, that is the end of the game. Whether we have attained, achieved or even experienced is our own baby.

Speaking of babies, most of my peers are not ready to have any as of yet. We treasure the independence our youth comes packed with. We plan on thoroughly enjoying the bundle before we cradle new hope, life and expectations in our soft hands. As that stands, to put our predicament shrewdly; it is a race against time.

Inevitably we have to grow up. There is no end to growth as well. Hence, as one of my friends put it to me, we need to enjoy every phase. Live in it presently and see to the exhaustion of everything that season offers before you are in the latter half of your life and deep within existential crisis.

You have realities that you are expecting from the world. You fill in the gaps and the rest takes care of itself. The slower we react to what we think is ‘going on’, the more and more we get left behind in our own stories and perceptions.

With all the preservation that we can do, the clock ticks against us and the scoreboard in favour to opportunities we have and have not taken. Life will pass us by as we wait for the right moment to act. We lose the game we are playing against ourselves when we wake up depended upon but with nothing to offer because we never had it for ourselves in the first place. I am not ready to take care of anyone, responsibly. A father can not teach his son what he has not learnt. Nor can he give what he does not have.

Procrastinate when the deal is sweet and extraordinary and you become more and more likely to miss it all together. The opportunities will continue to roll but everything has it own time. When you do not do it when you are supposed to you will be left to play catch up. A missed opportunity remains missed even when losses are recovered it’s fate is sealed.

I shall be a father one day, I rather be a father who gave it all and did it all when he could and has something to show for it. At the very least, experience. Even if I do not carry all these attributes, it is almost inevitable that I will be a father someday. The clock will not stop ticking especially my biological one either, to drive the point home.

It is not a zero sum game but having the winning points is sweeter.



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